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Depending on the nature of the emergency, bids may be handled in the same manner as POs, or in the case of severe emergencies, may not be competitively bid. Jul 31,2020. document.write(d.getFullYear()); It is the policy of the City of Houston to stimulate the growth of small, minority, women-owned and disadvantaged business enterprises (S/MWDBE) by encouraging their full participation in all phases of its procurement activities, and by affording them a full and fair opportunity to compete for all City contracts. When the payment date falls on a Saturday, Sunday, or official holiday when City offices are closed and City business is not expected to be conducted, payment may be made on the following business day. RFPs are also reviewed for MWBE opportunities. When filling out your Vendor Registration form you see an area that asks for NIGP Commodity Codes. CONTRACT COMPLIANCE OFFICER FOR DRUG TESTING (CCODT) means the individual in each City of Houston department designated to receive the required drug testing policies, agreements, certifications and reports from contractors. The bid due date and time is specified in each bid/proposal package. Every Friday in the "Notice to Bidder" section of the Houston Business Journal. All contractor employees are responsible for reviewing and complying with this Executive Order and the contractor's own policies and procedures for drug testing. Thank you for your interest in doing business with the City of Houston. Page 2 of 3 City Purchasing Agent Strategic Purchasing Division Vendor Legal Department 10A You can also contact the assigned buyer for more information on a specific bid. Primarily, the department is responsible for all the things we take for granted on a daily basis: the administration, planning, maintenance, construction management and technical engineering of the City's infrastructure. Complete copies may be obtained from the office of the City Secretary. Certified MWBE's are encouraged to bid as prime contractors. Informal bids - Solicitation for goods and services valued at $50,000 or less. As appropriate, if drug use is suspected by a contractor's employee, the City has the authority to temporarily remove a contractor's employee off a job or require the contractor's employee to leave a City worksite if it is in the best interest of the City to do so. Possession or control can include an employee's person or personal property if on City premises, a contractor's motor vehicle/equipment under the employee's control, or property provided by the contractor under an employee's control including, but not limited to tool boxes, lockers, desks, and files. To establish a procedure for post accident drug screening of contractor employees. The CPO recommends award of contracts to City Council. This conference also allows for your guidance to find out who is interested in bidding or proposing on a particular contract, or you can contact the assigned buyer. This number must accompany any purchase orders, bid submissions and/or invoices), Identifies you as a potential bidder, Captures contact information about your business, Identifies your company with required products and/or services. Contractors may enter into multi-contractor or multi-contract pooling arrangements, subject to the approval of the director (or designee) of the department involved, as long as those arrangements comply with the requirements of these procedures. We trained on how to maximize exposure in the largest pool of public opportunities for all HUB/MWDBE business owners and those who have yet started on their own business journey. 3.  Is there any difference between a Supplier and a Vendor? Bid Advertisements: More City Hall Bids are solicited by telephone, fax or in writing by department purchasing personnel within their specific level of business. The City certification is accepted by the Houston Minority Supplier Development Council, Women’s Business Enterprise Alliance, Department of … An employee who is determined to have violated this provision shall be treated in accordance with Section 10.1. Apple Macintosh users may encounter problems with our online transactions, Scroll down and find the bid you are interested in downloading, If you have an issued City vendor number then enter it otherwise leave it blank until you obtain a vendor/supplier number, Click inside the square box located before the bid description you are intending to download. Provide a single and accurate source of material master record and vendor master record for all City of Houston departments to access and use, reducing duplications and increase uniformity across the City. We update the Online Bids & RFPs page daily. August 2020 Workshop Schedule. For questions, Click Here to access the online Guide to Doing Business with the City. Keyword CPC PCC Volume Score; mwdbe city of houston: 1.89: 0.5: 904: 38: houston mwdbe directory Bids are opened and read publicly by the Office of City Secretary each Thursday at 11:00 a.m., unless specified otherwise. Provide users with tools to make informed decisions when processing purchases for the City. The City's goal is to establish and maintain a work environment that is free from the effects of use of certain banned substances or alcohol. Contact Us. SAFETY IMPACT POSITION means a contractor's employment position involving job duties that if performed with inattentiveness, errors in judgment, or diminished coordination, dexterity, or composure may result in mistakes that could present a real and/or imminent threat to the personal health or safety of the employee, co-workers, and/or the public. ), An antivirus or security suite software running on your machine (Norton Internet Security, McAffe Security Suite, etc), A hardware firewall running between your machine and our web server (possibly your company's firewall), Our website is compatible to any PC with Microsoft Windows Operating System. All MWDBE/SBE's are encouraged to attend the pre-bid conferences where you will have the opportunity to market your services and form potential business partnerships with attending prime contractors. Designed By New Age Nerds Co. While both firms are successful, the O'Campos are putting a lot of efforts into Veritas Supply, Inc. these days. Consequently, contractors are prohibited from being at work or acting in the scope of their contract with the City while impaired by alcohol or with certain banned substances present in their systems, on their persons, or on City worksites and premises. The City of Houston Office of Emergency Management (OEM) urges residents and visitors to avoid Houston roadways during periods of prolonged or intense rainfall. DIRECTOR OF PERSONNEL means the Department Director of the City of Houston's Personnel Department. Vendor Registration/ Purchasing Catalog/ Formal Bids & RFP's. The Houston Airport System and the Departments of Public Works & Engineering /Capital Projects are responsible for construction, architectural and engineering contracts over $500,000 in value for the City of Houston. Amphetamine Obtain a DHHS certified laboratory to perform drug tests. Any contractor who fails to comply with this Executive order, to complete, execute and submit the Drug Policy Compliance Agreement and, if applicable, the contractor's Certification of No Safety Impact Positions In Performance of a City contract, the semi-annual Drug Policy Compliance Declaration or any requested drug testing records timely if required to do so by this policy, shall be considered in breach of contract and may be subject to having the contract with the City of Houston terminated. Help on the Horizon for … We are open for business from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM, Monday through Friday. Failure to provide this information may be cause for rejection of a bid or proposal. All respondents to a Request For Proposals must comply with Houston Code of Ordinance Chapter 18-36 as amended relating to the contribution and solicitation of funds for election campaigns. Supplier and Vendor are the same. The Public Works department solicits professional engineering services, once a year, through Request for Qualifications (RFQ's). LABORATORY means a federal Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) certified laboratory authorized by the contractor to perform drug screening/testing. •City of Houston, Office of Business Opportunity •City of Austin, Small and Minority Business Resources Department •Corpus Christi Regional Transportation Authority ... MWDBE ACADEMY. Both firms are S/MWDBE certified with the City of Houston. To establish a procedure for random drug screening of contractor employees in positions that have a significant impact upon the safety of themselves or others. For more information regarding the Public Works-100 form, The Office of Business Opportunity, established in March of 2008, is responsible for the administration of the Small/Minority/Women- Owned Business Enterprise (S/MWBE) Program and the Mayors’ Executive Order 1-7 Pay or Play (POP) Program for Houston Public Works. Drawing from Our Experience. The agent’s phone number is listed on the Notice to Bidder Section of the bid/proposal package. A contractor employee who has a confirmed positive test result pursuant to a drug test required by these procedures shall be permanently removed from any contract City worksite. ACCIDENT means an unexpected or unintended event resulting in a time loss personal injury or significant property damage. There are six types of solicitations used for procuring goods and services for the City of Houston Municipal operations. On the bid due date, the bid is publicity read by the City Secretary in the Council Chambers and is awarded by a recommendation from the bid department to Council. You can select and print multiple bids if you like, Scroll down to the bottom of the page and hit, The selected bids will now appear in a table and at this time you need to click on each, Click on the bid document listed under the field, Print it and bring it with you to the Pre-Bid Conference Schedule, If you are downloading and printing more than one bid, hit the, The City of Houston Purchase Order Number, Invoice exactly as shown on your City issued purchase order, Goods and/or services must be itemized as to quantity, part number, description and applicable, Invoices must show the department, division or section to which the goods and/or services, All invoices must be submitted in triplicate (The City’s automated purchasing and financial. 311 Home The City of Houston's Affirmative Action and Contract Compliance Division, headed by … City Departments’ can issue emergency purchase orders when possible; in other cases, Strategic Procurement Division issues emergency purchase orders. When drug screening of employees is required or authorized under the contractor policy or procedures, a urinalysis test shall be given to detect the presence of amphetamines, cocaine metabolites, opiate metabolites, phencyclidine, and for marijuana metabolites. 6. Bids made by mail, telephone or facsimile and processed as purchase order. In any bid and/or proposal package, you will find specific Insurance & Indemnification project requirements. A new payment portal is planned and will be announced soon. A contractor's drug policy is not limited to the drug testing criteria in these procedures and may be more stringent. For assistance by phone, please contact the Supplier Desk at (832) 393-8800 M-F, 8:00 am- 4:30 pm. Serve as an MWDBE/SBE advocate in the PWE Department. Contractors may be subject to other drug testing related requirements as specified in their contract with the City of Houston. The Houston Fire Department's Life Safety Bureau will no longer accept payments through iPermits effective February 8, 2020.

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