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And these can all be attributed to its active compounds known as phytoestrogens. Therefore, all transgender males who want to reduce their testosterone and increase estrogen levels for a successful transformation, a two-month course of Pueraria Mirifica can produce desired results, … Still have questions? Detox or colon cleanse is advisable to do before consuming Pueraria Mirifica capsules. With many users claiming this botanical’s effectiveness, the question is, how long does Pueraria Mirifica take to work? What’s important is that you observe patience when using this supplement. But usually, it requires treatment for about 3 months before the desired result is achieved. I retained the 1 and 1/2 inch in chest measurement that I gained while using the product. Download it by entering your email below (we will send it to your email), Pueraria Mirifica is a woody vine that can usually be found in Thailand and other parts of Southeast Asia. The 12-week study involving 82 postmenopausal women also found that Pueraria mirifica cream was just as effective in relieving vaginal dryness and pain as estrogen cream. Pueraria mirifica — or Kwao Krua — has long been used as a rejuvenation therapy in traditional Thai medicine practices. Some users of pueraria Mirifica reported that it is possible to notice changes on your breasts after three to … This is when the estrogen levels build-up to give maximum augmentation on your breast. We have already found out that Pueraria Mirifica before and after results will be noticeable after 4 weeks for breast enlargement. Pueraria mirifica enthält die bioaktiven Substanzen Deoxymiroestrol und Miroestrol. Now I had to stay off everything for 6 months and both desire and power are back to where they were before PM. A Review Guide for Best Estrogen Blocker Products for Men and Women. AuntKatie. Thank you very much." Print. Due to the phytoestrogens mimicking the effects of estrogen in the body, Pueraria Mirifica is perceived to cause enlargement in one’s breast. Although there is insufficient research pointing to the breast enlargement effects of Pueraria Mirifica, many are claiming that they noticed results after using the plant-based drug. Here are 7 emerging health benefits of Pueraria mirifica. 1 doctor answer. Products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. However, its magical features don’t contain all herbs commonly available as Pueraria Mirifica or Kwao Krua. hi im also a guy and i can say yes it does work there are sites on the net telling you how much to take ive only been taking it for 10 weeck but ive seen results my boobs meshure a 36 b cup now . Answer Save. The first thing to know is that this herbal plant is grown in the northern parts of Thailand. Some accounts from users say you may notice these effects right after one to two weeks of application. If you suffer from hot flashes, vaginal dryness or bladder problems, take heart. 2 more weeks my breasts are tight. As women get older, they experience changes in their body, which may be uncomfortable and takes long to cope. Don't count on any Pueraria Mirifica which is not taken from this place. One capsule containing this herb or pure Pueraria Mirifica 500mg is advisable for reliable long-term health and beauty benefits. That is because the higher a woman’s estrogen intake is, the higher the risk for breast cancer. 1 Answer. That said, you may see the following results on your hair upon using Pueraria Mirifica: Pueraria Mirifica is also used as a breast enlarging solution for those who prefer the natural way of augmenting their busts. You may have heard before, that Pueraria Mirifica can better help you to grow bigger breasts, am I right? Immediate Effects of Pueraria Mirifica on the Skin, 4. Give it some time to let these minor results build up. Accumulatively these three groups have shown the pretty equal results, out of which 82.24% reported that they felt a new firmness in their breast and simultaneously 88.3% reported the enlargement. This long wait time is so that the body can adjust to the hormone changes and begin the enhancement. *Disclaimers: does not provide medical advice, treatment or diagnosis, Individual results of product may vary person to person. To sum it up, they were the normal humans, and so if you are, then you will likely get the same results. Phytoestrogens are an alternative solution if you need to increase your estrogen levels without the direct intake of the female hormone. These compounds help, Dryness and flaking due to reduced hydration, The estrogen-boosting properties of the plant also help improve, In general, results will begin to show after three months of taking, All our products are researched backed and we spend countless hours reading through clinical.

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