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As plexiglass is ten times stronger than the glass, its high impact-resistance makes it a suitable material for aquarium tanks. /* background-color: transparent;*/ 15" background-color: #fafafa; 52" 115" 60" 5" .last-center { 53" Acrylic sheet is also very hardwearing and will not discolour or weather, keeping its good looks for years. 19" 50" 23" Finally, it’s also good to know that acrylic sheet is much more affordable than standard glass. Polycarbonate Roofing Sheets, Acrylic Sheets, Perspex Sheets & Sign Vinyl, Digital Vinyl, Reflective Vinyl. Octagon, 55" 34" 19" /* border: none;*/ Acrylic sheets, also referred to as “plexiglass” or “Plexiglas”, are often used as an alternative to glass sheeting. Order eye-catching colored acrylic sheets and have visitors be in awe of your kitchen. ... read more, Clear Plexiglass sheets are helpful in making luxury windows for swimming pools because their transparency allows coaches and diving instructors to monitor their students easily. 27" 74" .ck-button1 { /* Position the tooltip */ 23" 52" 3" 116" Fab Glass and Mirror aims to satisfy its customers to the fullest with high quality acrylic panels. It exhibits glass like qualities—clarity, brilliance, and transparency—but at half the weight and many times the impact resistance of glass. 118" 117" Following a simple procedure you can have acrylic glass sheets cut to size on your doorstep within a few days! 92" 58" 38" And your preference is clear glass or clear plastic sheets, so look no more! margin: 30px 0px; We have foam PVC sheets, glass blocks, polycarbonate and acrylic glass sheets, as well as replacement window glass in a range of dimensions, widths and finishes. Can’t find what you need? It exhibits glass like qualities—clarity, brilliance, and transparency—but at half the weight and many times the impact resistance of glass. Shop replacement glass and a variety of building supplies products online at Acrylic sheet with 29 reviews. Shop for quality acrylic and glass sheeting in store or online at Menards®. product, Mirror 99 CDN$ 12.99 CDN$12.99 Our range of colors, frosts and tints are available in limited thicknesses ranging from 3mm to 6mm thick. Available in a range of thicknesses sheets are supplied cut to size ready for use. 46" visibility: hidden; 18" 97" 56" /* Table style start */ 66" 18" Grades include general purpose clear acrylic, abrasion resistant, impact modified, light diffusing, bullet resistant, sign-grade, non-glare, antimicrobial, and digital. 20" 102" 95 Order) x 0.125 in. 10" 102" 95" 95" 26" 49" Find the textures, colors and sizes you need for any project. 34" 113" background-color: #eeeded; 120", 3/16" 10" /*}*/ They are very easy to work with, when laser cut, the product has elegant, polished edges. 61" 63" Round, 94" There are hundreds, if not thousands of paints out there that would work for glass painting, but hopefully, this list gives you a quick and easy place to start if you’re a beginner, or some new and quality options for those of you who have more experience with glass … A cheaper and safer alternative to real glass, this Clear Acrylic Sheet is a versatile plastic material that can be used in numerous applications and has great impact strength. Plastic/Rubber, Shelf /*}*/ 42" Looking to buy PERSPEX® Acrylic Sheet? 4" padding-left: 10px; Protecting Your Plexi-glass. 42" 117" 12" 1", 1 Shop glass block & accessories and a variety of building supplies products online at You can select the type of glass you want, with a texture, style, color, and design of your choice. 12" Inventory updated daily. 21" } 79" 24" 71" 30" 78" 74" It is made from a material that is a monolith, made up of substances that are organic, thus, referred to as organic glass. 36 in. Even if you are on a budget, getting a custom cut Plexiglass will be no difficult task. 43" 1/2" 82" Are you looking for acrylic glass sheets cut to size or a custom cut Plexiglass of your new interior setup? 44" 67" 37" } Very easy to clean. transform-origin: 100% 50%; 107" 31" A reliable seller needs to have a high quality product in a variety of styles and designs along with custom Plexiglass. 40" font-size: 14px; 81 List List Price $36.95 $ 36 . Acrylic mirrors are lightweight with better break resistance than glass. 39" top: 78%; 101" The transparent, fluorescent and translucent colors offer constant light transmission superior to similar glass colors. text-align-last: center; Shop for Acrylic sheets, rods, and tubes. 32" 6" 5/8" Acrylic sheet with a green-tinted edge creates the sleek and sophisticated look of a glass coupled with the performance of acrylic panels. 100" /*}*/ can manufacture sneeze guards, plexiglass shields, and retail barriers in … 30" 110" Acrylic Mirror, height: auto; 47" With properties similar to that of glass, Plexiglass sheets can give a sleek and classy look. 17" left: 40%; Home Hardware's got you covered. 37" Choose high-quality, scratch-resistant glass—available in standard 2mm clear, UV-filter, anti-reflective, and a UV anti-reflective combination—or opt for optically pure acrylic, which is available in standard, non-glare, UV-filter, or a combination of the two. 32" 64" 26" 8" 41" This grants a steady light flow regardless of the weather. General plexiglass clarification: Plexiglas® is a registered brand name; Plexiglass is a commonly used name to describe acrylic, that originates from the brand name Plexiglas®, similar to the way that Kleenex® (a brand name) is often used generically to describe a facial tissue It is also easy to clean Plexiglass sheets and maintain them. This lightweight and weat We’re here to help. We cut to size all acrylic sheets we sell, which saves on shipping costs since it offers a more economical means of packaging. 97" 3/4", Polycarb, Square, 62" .std > h1.LC20lb{ 72", Length (L) } Thin or thick sheets. 35" 52" 115" 103" 24" 55" width: 7px; 86" Acrylic (also known as Plexiglas®) is a clear, strong, stiff plastic also available in brilliant colors. Our Acrylic or Glass Closet Sliding Doors are manufactured with you in mind! x 0.125 in. 9" transform: translateX(-50%) translateY(-50%); .mb-5px { and diving instructors to monitor their students easily. h3.small-heading span { width: 100%; 77" 65" 58" /*.specs-table tr td:last-of-type {*/ z-index: 1; left: 50%; 29" 24" 76" The acrylics come in a variety of colors. At Frame Destination, we offer the best of both worlds, and are one of the few online stores that ship custom glass for picture frames. 120", 3/16" 101" } 47" View our acrylic color chart for your color match. Best known as "plexiglass", acrylic comes in extruded or cast, film or paper masked, clear, and colors. 87" Durable and adaptable, Acme Plastics has an expansive selection of clear and colored acrylic sheets. 17" 6" 108" left: 0; position: absolute; If you are looking at long-term gains like minimal corrosion and little maintenance, then you should consider going for acrylic glass. 69" 55" 84" You simply buy the discount PLEXIGLASS acrylic sheet size nearest to your need, then we can Cut to Size to your final size for plexiglass windows, etc. 22" text-align: center; } 55" They should also offer you reasonable prices and a functional after sales service. text-align: center; We use a high quality form of acrylic for our framing, below are some of the key features. Each door is finished on both sides with no visible screws or fasteners and utilizes a lightweight aluminum frame, making it … 88" 74" Therefore, we work hard to establish a long lasting relationship with our customers while providing them cheap plexiglass. width: 25px; 20" ... read more, Clear Plexiglass is used to build large dome-shaped aquariums found across the world. Plexiglass sheets offer similar transparency to glass, but they are more durable and relatively shatter-proof. Alternatively, a local glass shop should be able to provide you with acrylic cut to your size requirements. 10" 6 years ago. 114" 96" .tooltip1 .tooltiptext1 { text-align: center; 14" Cast acrylic sheet also known as Perspex® and Plexiglas® which are both popular manufacturer brand names of cast acrylic sheet. 20" 29" 49" 9" border: none; We can say that it is a superhero because it is approximately two hundred times stronger than a normal glass which makes it virtually unbreakable thus it is used in windows, motorbike fairings, windshields, and bulletproof materials. Buy it online and specify your cut dimensions or ask about our acrylic fabrication services. Acrylic originates from the family of thermoplastics that are products of petroleum. stools, tabletops, covers for shelves and many other furnishings found at homes. During the customization process you can choose a square or rectangle shape with a glass thickness of ⅛” or ¼“. 28" 37" font-weight: 600 !important; background-color: #79dcad; 85" 56" 55" 3/8", /* border-left: 1px solid transparent;*/ width: 93px; 44" x 96 in. 54" } We at Fab Glass and Mirror offer Acrylic glass sheets which are purposely created plastic with specific properties. border-radius: 2px; 7" 101" 59" 87" 81" border-bottom: none; meals that are ready to be eaten are easily displayed. Ireland's Leading Stockist of Plastics & Vinyl.Fast Nationwide Delivery & Free Cut To Size Service. font-weight: 600; } Companies such as Tenecor ( may sell sheets as well as their aquariums. Because we have several options in many categories for you to choose from. Volume discounts available for large commercial orders. 19" 27" padding: 30px 15px; Instead, use a soft cloth and our acrylic cleaner or just plain water. Lamps, Antique 87" 44" Continuous cast acrylic also offers these features and generally has a more uniform thickness and offers larger sheet sizes because of the nature of the continuous cast manufacturing process. Find the textures, colors and sizes you need for any project. color: #f9582f; Its higher impact strength makes it a great glass replacement for applications such as garage door windows, storm windows, and other glazing needs. 75" 22" 53" 39" What’s more, an acrylic sheet is a much lighter material than glass: it can weigh up to 50% less than the equivalent sized piece of glass. 63" 35" table.table.comparison-table > tbody > tr:nth-of-type(odd){ Shop Polycarbonate & Acrylic Sheets top brands at Lowe's Canada online store. 119" /* background-color: transparent !important;*/ 107" ... read more, Plexiglass is strong, hence an excellent choice to build bathroom enclosures. ... read more, Each acrylic sheet is not only shatterproof and durable but great for adding value to your space. What are common brands of acrylic? 13" background-color: #168fba; 72" 23" 57" 109" These are fairly common in the UK and Europe ( or } 34" 32" /*}*/ 42" No minimums required. text-align: left !important; 49" border: none; 49" Clear Glass is crystal clear and distortion-free. 65" /*.specs-table tr:first-of-type {*/ Best Paint for Glass: Comparison Chart. 104" 61" 90" 60" Plexiglass panels do not crack easily; therefore, chances of replacement are minimal since it does not shatter. 89" 77" 51" 56"

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