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Be sure to use certified gluten free oats, if needed. Mash the bananas in a bowl then whisk in the eggs and cinnamon (or add the ingredients to a blender and blend) until the batter is well combined. The nutrition information provided are only estimates based on an online nutritional calculator. Or vinegar works too, but the acidity is important for rise as well. I usually use rolled oats to make oat flour. Thanks Harriet! I don’t know. My kids wouldn’t eat them. I ams happy you liked them, and yes after much feedback I did tweak the written recipe a bit so that’s why it differs from the video (still need to reshoot that one day). All these questions are important I followed the recipe exactly except I used sweetened applesauce. And I feel your pain with the pancake ring Natalie!!! TIA. Thank you so much !! I’ll be on instagram and see people with these 12 high stacks of perfect pancake circles and I’m just like how!?! I made them again without the blender and with a little more than 1/4 tsp of salt! What You’ll Need for 3-Ingredient Pancakes. But I’m so happy everyone liked the pancakes, getting non-vegan AND kid approval is not always easy. These Easy 3-Ingredient Pancakes is our ritual weekend pancake recipe. I usually don’t sweeten my pancakes at all actually, especially with a fruit base, but I think the maple syrup helps the texture here too. I love how quick and easy it is to make these 3 ingredient banana, egg pancakes! I have no bananas at home at the moment and I’m craving pancakes so much!! Let me know if any of those ideas sounds like they could be the problem and I will try to narrow it down and help you as much as I can. Perfect for weekend mornings Thanks for checking it out Jaime! I could go for some right now especially with that topping combo I really like the bob’s red mill paleo mix and have had lots of success with it in other recipes so fingers crossed it works here too! I love everything about these pancakes!! 19 comments on “3 Ingredient Flourless Banana Pancakes” Kathleen — September 15, 2017 @ 12:50 pm Reply Thank you so much! Each pancake came out worse than the one before! Then they came out perfect the second try! Although there are countless variations of this same recipe … Also, how new/old are your baking powder and soda? A truly magic recipe! I did follow directions and measurements exactly! Oh Natalie these never set up for me They certainly don’t look anything like the picture not even the same color. And wow! Fluffy Vegan Pancakes made with applesauce, gluten-free oats, and not a single banana. I am so happy you liked these Darlene! Please consult a professional nutritionist or doctor for accurate information and any dietary restrictions and concerns you may have. I find many things (like traditional wheat pancakes) can be made easily vegan and many things gluten free can be made easily with plenty of egg..but I am not finding the same thing for foods that are GF and Vegan! To make 2 flax-eggs, take 2 tablespoons of ground flax and mix it with 5 tablespoons of water. Oh yes, I always cool my sweet potato. Her voice narrating the video was probably much cuter than mine! Repeat until all the batter is gone (I usually get 6-8 pancakes per batch). 3-ingredient banana oat flour pancakes that are vegan (dairy-free, egg-free), gluten-free, refined sugar-free, and very easy to make! But I added 1T flaxmeal mixed in 3T water because mine were just a liiiittle bit (just tiny bit) soggy and keeps sticking to the pan even if I grease the nonstick! I love it’s natural bit of built in sweetness Thanks Ashley! It is very challenging to find pancake recipes, though I do have a few. It's hard to believe there is a pancake recipe that doesn't. Yay, I’m so happy to hear it! Sure, mashed banana will be fine instead. Thanks for sharing. 3) Did you use freshly squeezed lemon juice? Surprisingly enough one can make pretty good pancakes using… just millet. Wow Emily!! Just sharing it. Or 2) the temperature was too low so they just didn't cook. Add the dry ingredients. Cuisine American. Best pancakes I have EVER made/had. Good to know it worked with only half the maple syrup, I actually had someone else asking about that. Hey you never know that avocado doesn’t pancake if you don’t try. But honestly I’ve discovered so many better flours for making pancakes than oat flour since this recipe, oat fluor too easily turns gummy. MOST PEOPLE DON’T HAVE TIME TO REPLY. But sometimes (like right now) my banana stash is running dangerously low…must ration the bananas! I know that’s a lot of questions, but it’s hard for me to know what went wrong otherwise since I wasn’t there in you kitchen. My husband made them for me and they are delicious!! Today I tried them again with a raw blended apple and about a TBS of ground flax, and they were a bit denser but still good! This is a pancake dream!! I’m not sure I really understand how though…, So Good!!!! I have to tell you we all loved this recipe and it was so simple to make. . YAY!! Not sure what I did wrong, but these were flat and I almost had to burn them to get them done in the middle. Will definitely repeat. !” haha! Mid photoshoot snacks are necessary ya know! Help , Oh no Tess, I’m so sorry to hear they didn’t work for you! We just watched your video and as soon as it started, Willow said, “Is she going to talk? Love the idea of adding cinnamon! Easy 3-Ingredient Vegan Banana Pancakes. Hi Aaron! Sorry! Thank you for taking the time to leave a comment, I really appreciate the feedback, and I hope you enjoy many more fluffy batches to come . So now that you know what’s NOT in this recipe, lets discuss what is: So that’s the required list, but feel free to add other mix ins: chocolate chips, blueberries, chopped nuts, a swirl of peanut butter, chai spice, a few spoonfuls of cocoa powder…the options are endless! OK, Maybe I didn’t measure well enough. Amanda November 10, 2015 at 6:51 pm # You sure can. They are super and healthy and make a great, easy breakfast. i think this will be my favorite recipe till there no more pancakes in this world thanks for sharing!!! Thank you so much Natalie! Such a great idea to use applesauce instead of bananas! The texture is a little moist and delicate, but they do taste good and they are super easy to make. When I read the title of this post, I started racking my brains – “What could she have used instead of bananas? My dad bought me a waffle maker. Prep Time 5 mins. Is the reason for the lemon juice is the ph value for texture fluffiness of the pancakes? Hope that helps with the texture! I WONDER IF THEY WOULD COME OUT AS FLUFFY W/ COCONUT FLOUR. It did spread pretty thin all on its own. Thank you for this recipe, I will definitely be making these again . Oh I know, I love watching things cook in sped up video–kinda mesmerizing. This is a big deal for me. Maybe try these quinoa flour ones next time: More fluffy and less dense in my opinion. This entire recipe came to be from a simple reader request for a vegan pancake recipe without bananas since 97% of the recipes out there seem to include them. Servings, calories, carbs …. the pan doesn’t work for me plus it takes longer. Thanks, I do have apple cider vinegar. Bananas are a precious resource, so one less thing that uses them up is always good Thanks Leah! Hope that helps . That’s so smart!! These easy gluten-free banana pancakes are just 3 ingredients! I love that they don’t have banana. Thanks for the feedback Harriet, have a happy weekend , […] SOS-free pancakes are rich in texture and flavor, especially when you follow this recipe from Feasting on Fruit. Ingredients. Yes, all purpose flour will be fine here. Very interesting, that sounds really healthy and simple! 3-ingredient banana pancakes. Hmm mixing by hand shouldn’t be the problem, how thick/thin was your batter? I use a round metal one everytime and they turn out perfect EVERY time, it’s so easy. The baking soda starts to react as soon as you add it to the batter, so it is time sensitive. They’re amazing! liked them. If you do try again definitely let me know how it goes. I only used half of maple syrup and the rest according to the recipe. Review this recipe 3-Ingredient Pancakes… Note: it can be chunky if desired. (I’ll give yours a try as well though, they look so fluffy!). If you don’t use spray though or try to flip too soon then yes it will not release. I can tell you one thing, sweet potato blended in pancake batter is not a good idea ? It wasn’t that obvious to me either actually, I tried multiple other things before landing upon this one. Would white whole wheat flour work? They were problem a 1/4 of the thickness yours were. Stir to combine (don’t over mix just until all the lumps are gone). Now I have gone Vegan and I am struggling! I had a bit of a pancake disaster during the weekend: I used all kinds of leftovers for the batter (including leftover oatmeal and leftover avocado pudding..hahah what was I thinking…). Thanks for the feedback Kyla! I am so happy they turned out well! I made two double batches this morning. And I understand your feeling on the blob. The recipe should be titled "3 Ingredient Banana Pancakes" because the banana taste is very strong. Ah that makes me so so happy to hear Catalina Thank you for the lovely feedback, and happy sunday to you! More Reviews Advertisement. Can lemon juice be replaced by apple cider vinegar? Going vegan this past summer but not wanting the processed alternative foods has been so easy with your recipes! Does that make sense? delicious! , I am so happy they worked for you with the flax addition, a little extra flour would probably solve the sogginess/sticking issue too. Very disappointed. These are to die for! Is that okay? Reply . I add some arrowroot to mine, because I am paranoid of breaking them apart, but my dad, who taught me this recipe, just goes full on only millet and water (I guess some plant milk would do too). A good way to know if that was the problem though is did you see bubbles on the surface of the pancake batter as it cooked on the first side? Make a well in the middle of bowl, add egg … The perfect pancake for that scenario–I hope you enjoy! Thanks for the feedback . Even my Omni boyfriend can’t get enough. Ooh that sounds incredible with coconut yogurt! You mean nicecream and chocolate sauce can’t fix all problems!?! These pancakes turned out great! If you’ve had them for more than a few months (especially opened) replace them. Add the dry ingredients. Haven’t tested these with other flours yet, but based on what you have I think either the quinoa alone or a combo of the brown rice and tapioca would work. That’s right! I added bluebs too thank you for all your incredible recipes! Love the baking soda + acid fluff up trick And although I mostly prefer bananas over applesauce as a fat & egg replacement, it’s nice to finally have a recipe that doesn’t have that banana aftertaste! Your Fluffy No Banana Pancakes recipe is fantastic. These quick Sugar-Free Banana Pancakes will be ready in less than 20 minutes and kids LOVE them! I have some bananas starting to get ripe and can’t wait to try.. we are doing low carb/no carb and I saw a similar recipe in a medical type magazine at the Drs office a long time ago and have searched ever since to find it!! And spices, of course. These easy 3 ingredient banana pancakes are grain free and dairy free. Mine were a bit gooey but still yummy. Plus usually no additives, yay! Emma B. Kumer for Taste of Home. Didn’t change a thing in the recipe. I can’t think of any other reasons. The only thing I didn’t do is use the blender because it was super early and I didn’t want to wake anyone up but that shouldn’t have been the problem. And definitely using applesauce next time, no weird experiments , Hahaha I’m glad the fluffy allusion could food you into thinking there were more Well there were actually, they were just too ugly for the pic…but not too ugly to eat. I was able to shop the ingredients straight from the site through their partnership with Amazon Fresh. When I tried them I realized they still remained gooey inside. It was actually quite funny how weird they turned out. Oat flour isn’t my fave for pancakes at this point, but up to you , Yeah, I’m not a super big fan of the taste of quinoa or buckwheat flour. Thanks for all of your wonderful and delectable yet healthy recipes! I need to give this one a little photo/video revamp because it’s still one of my faves too. I did encounter a problem, though. This recipe has remained a reader favorite for 5 years now, so it’s about time it got an update. Thank you!! I’ve only tried them with oat, but it should be fine! Terms | Privacy. Yes Yes Yes! I make two batches and freeze them (wax paper in between each one, and place in a ziplock bag). Let sit for 5 minutes before adding to the remaining ingredients. And actually learning to use the ring right gives me an excuse to make and eat multiple batches I’m definitely going to try the coconut oil next time, thanks for the tip Anna! And what temp did you cook them on? Also I know a lot of people who bake Vegan goods (although not necessarily Gluten Free) use Soy milk, because as they say, the higher protein yields a better result! oh yay! I tried these this morning and they came out flat and were difficult to flip over. , Oat flour works too! Thanks so much! Maybe add a bit more flour next time, it should require a little bit of spreading with a spoon in the pan. Did you let the batter sit before using? For a quick snack or easy breakfast, try these 2-ingredient banana pancakes, served with a dollop of fruit yogurt. I subbed water for the mylk, molasses for the syrup, and they turned out fluffy and delicious! I rarely buy the remade oat flour too since it is so easy to make, but I have no doubt industrial equipment can get a much finer flour than my blender. I’ll try again:), I wanted to do these today however I do not have lemon I had to scrape them off the non-stick pan each time which destroyed their shape. Love your blog and recipes! I made a total of 5 pancakes. It's a really good and easy recipe, but it doesn't taste like regular pancakes. These 3-ingredient pancakes are just what you need! The inside was strange almost like the gooey results some things have when made with flaxseed. It is so frustrating when to be craving something you can't eat, especially when you are pregnant and deserve to be nourishing your body with what it wants. Blitz. It’s such a simple thing, totally worth it for that extra fluff. I know one blogger who uses a cookie cutter, so I tried that too but it still blobbed after I flipped it Oh well, they taste good regardless! Why we love this recipe. And after a little testing I discovered that applesauce makes for an even better pancake texture, and is still just as healthy and naturally sweet. Your email address will not be published. We were running trials for a blender pancake recipe, too! Even non vegans love them ! They cooked up like any other pancake. the pancakes were fantastic! BUT WE APPRECIATE YOUR HARD WORKING HRS AND SHARING YOUR WONDERFUL CREATIONS. I’m used to baking for just one, so I can see where a double batch would be necessary when baking for you and your little one. They’re the […], […] Fluffy Vegan Pancakes by Feasting on […], Your email address will not be published. I stumbled upon these 3-ingredient gluten-free banana pancakes, which seem like such an easy breakfast to whip up for my family on busy mornings. They’re simple to make and taste good! Definitely, all credits to you for that recipe, and we won’t reprint. That’s a terrible way to start your day! Woohoo! Made these for the family this morning along with some scrambled eggs. Spoon batter into the hot butter and cook until bubbles … I’m from Europe and I’m not really used to metrics. Could I use Spelt flour for a change from oats? Wow, my husband and I both loved them. You have to spray the ring inside right before pouring the batter and let it cook until the top looks dry, then just pull the ring off with tongs, it’s so easy I swear, lol. If I made a big batch of this batter, how long would it last in the fridge? With this pancake base, you can’t go wrong… With so many pancake recipes on-line, most of them consist of over 8 ingredients and 82 steps, there’s no … I mixed the ingredients by hand and that worked just fine. What a gorgeous presentation, Natalie. But sometimes it takes a few times to get it right. This is some serious pancake perfection right here! We love to eat, cook and travel for food. I always forget about the baby food aisle, there are so real gems tucked in there. The ingredients are simple, the prep time is quick, the result is marvelously pillowy with a perfect crumb when you cook them right – don’t waste your maple syrup on any other pancakes because this is The Best Fluffy Vegan Pancake recipe. update: YES! Next time I’ll use lower heat for longer…there were so many reviews about these not cooking I kept my heat highter than normal. Really!?! I finally have a go to pancake recipe! these were wonderful…thank you so much you are appreciated for you oil free recipes…. Required fields are marked *. Thanks for your hard work to being us your recipes! Thank you for your recipe! For instance I always use Almond Breeze almond milk (sugar free) but I do know that Silk almond milk has a much thicker consistency, which I do not like for drinking. I have been a vegetarian 18 years and then went Celiac. My daughter mows them down with just a little butter or peanut butter on top. Me too! ★☆ sorry I don’t have that information right now! I have the steel cut that you have to cook for a while. Reply. I was excited to see a vegan pancake recipe that was banana free as I am allergic to them as well as eggs and dairy, but I was disappointed to see applesauce as an ingredient as I am also allergic to apples! I am SO happy to hear it Alexandra!! I always make my own oat flour and they are super good yet I never knew how smooth they could be by using real/premade oat flour! Haha well let’s hope that day never comes, but thank you for the wonderful feedback and enjoy the rest of your weekend! Definitely could be the baking powder then. This is my go to pancake recipe. Just found it and added to my list! I will not be posting the actual recipe but will use only one image from this post and a small quote and link back here. Or does it have to be blended oats, for textural purposes? Wow Katerina, I am honored that you took the time to leave a review for the first time! Avoid using frozen … I’ve been making these 3 ingredient banana pancakes since my oldest (10-year-old) was about 18 months old. My husband has rejected my previous attempts at vegan pancakes, but he like these! You just need an acid . So I just sorta flattened the “crimp” back out again, let them cook some more until they appeared more cooked. I always add a scoop of pumpkin seed protein powder and these pancakes serve that super well. Wow. Hi there, I was just wondering what non-stick pan you use? So I have tried this recipe twice now, and the pancakes turn out pretty good, but the consistency of the dough is always a little grainier because my blender will never blend oats to a fine consistency.. do you think they would be just as fluffy if I used plain ol’ AP flour? Since I rarely have applesauce on hand but always have apples… think I could just toss a small chopped one into the blender with the rest of the ingredients? I wonder if that could make a difference. I don’t use a scale at all in the kitchen so it’s totally foreign and weird to me, but I will try. Try to keep the batter to 2 tbsp because if they are too big the pancakes will be hard to flip.

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