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At £29.99 and available in sizes WF3 – WF8 you have a really versatile quality bargain line. Techy Thursdays - Andrew Harding reviews the Airflo Bandit fly line. A fine line for short-to-middle distance fishing on softer rods. Hope this helps. Description: The Bandit is the ultimate fly line for ultra stealthy presentations. When we first heard the mummers of the F.I.S.T. Airflo lines have gained a lot of popularity in the last couple of years - and with good reason. I recently had the chance to try out the Airflo Miracle Braid running line. Looking for the line that has least memory so it will lay straight on the water. I fish dry, dual nymphs, and streamers. A belly that long gives you an amazing amount of control of the line in the water, be it mending or roll-casting, and the Distance Pro doesn’t disappoint. And now, they're back. I’m happy to report that this wasn’t the case with the Airflo Tropical Bonefish. The Elite Trout is average by design. This makes them float better, but it also makes them squishy and hard to measure. Another note: this was the first line we weighed and we decided that we needed to change the way we did it, so we’re missing a few data points on this line. $129.95. Fly Line Review: Airflo Ridge Tropical (Trio) I’d read a few favorable reviews of these Airflo Ridge lines, listened to Tim Rajeff rave over their unique construction, spent an afternoon throwing pretty roll-casts at fish that never rose to the occasion, and heard the whispers about Keys guides demanding them on clients’ tarpon rods. While the taper itself is similar to the excellent SA VPT , the first 30’ of weight of the line is nearly identical to SA GPX, which gives it an all-around type feel. Sign up for our Newsletter, a monthly dose of new ideas and exclusive deals on great gear, sent directly to your inbox. Ironically, this line could be cast even on the Circa. First, even with a mere 10 yards of backing, the line wouldn’t fit on the reel. It probably isn’t going to rise to the top of the point board or impress anyone on the water, but it’s a line that will help you catch fish without all the frills. To say I’m pretty hard on fly-lines is a bit of an understatement, standing on ‘em, shooting ‘em through the guides with a mandatory coating of abrasive pumice grit, ripping the lines out of streamside vegetation with such force I tend to leave a trail of destruction in my path… even using the fly line as a ferry lead, to shoot a raft across a lake channel are all in the realms of everyday use for me, typically going through at least two lines in a season, until I tried the Airflo Bandit Camo tip. And did I get this line free? It’s subtle ridges create a reassuring hiss through the guides, eliminating any friction, and boy does thing shoot, but it’s the durability that wins me over, one whole season on the same line is a record for me. Airflo G-Shock Fly Line – Review Since the introduction of the Super-Dri Technology from Airflo, these have been the only floaters I have used… The super-high buoyancy and non-stretch technology helps no end with lift of and hook up rate but this year, Airflo have brought out, a somewhat controversial fly line, called the G-Shock. We spend a lot of time testing gear and writing shootouts to give you all of the tools to make your next trip a success. It’s designed to shoot line, yet (presumably) retain a bit of presentation. Loads rods fast and lives up to its name and gives casters easy distance. Airflo Super Dri Bandit Floating Fly Lines JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Airflo Velocity Floating Fly Line Weight Forward AFTM# 4-9 Double Taper AFTM#4-8 - DT 4 F at The Hype: For accurately punching quick casts at moving targets in windy situations. Notebook opened. Looking for a # 3 1/2 wgt or a very light wgt #4 to cast on a 6' cane rod that does not cast well with either a Cortland or SA #3 line and a SA #4 overpowers the rod. If you want the latest technology and performance, a different Bonefish line is probably a better choice. It’s also a fine line at distance but maybe not as good as other lines. I would recommend that if you are freshwater fishing for trout, rio perception is my go to, saltwater is either airflo tropical punch (warmwater) or rio striper (cold-medium water). and the line is constructed with Airflo's advanced technology to improve distance and accuracy without driving the price up. The Airflo Forge Floating Line is available from Fishtec at It shoots like a rocket now and lands straight with no memory. 0 Comments After my boat incident and spending quite a few weeks trying to reach fish that where just that little bit too far out I decided to try and Airflo 40 plus fly line – and I’m kind-of glad I did. Airflo Fishing came to be because Paul Burgess wasn’t happy with the current PVC fly line technology. The extra weight does in fact make it a touch too heavy to cast on the Circa. Lining Your Rod With a Rage Compact. Bottom Line: This is a line we've loved for a long time… and it proved itself yet again to be a great performer. The Hype: This is a line designed to be versatile and provide the ultimate balance between close shots and distance casting. Guided fly fishing and casting instruction upon the unparalelled trout streams of Southland, New Zealand. But this one’s a little different than anything we’ve fished. The Hype: The Super Dri Elite fly line is our 'go-to' trout taper. These lines are all “fine”, and because they don’t stand out in any way, it’s very difficult to determine any significant differences between them. I cut 10 feet from the tail as it was a lot to fit on a 5 weight reel. The 40+ certainly stood out in this test… and not in a good way. First, Airflo lines are ridged. I think part of what we like about this line is its simplicity. They've also come out with great innovations like low-stretch cores, ridged fly lines, and PVC free lines. For those of us who have been at this long enough, you'll remember when Greys left us some 6 (or so) years ago to become a European only brand. These definitely aren’t presentation-oriented lines and Tropical Punch isn’t going to help you land a Bonefish fly delicately. Designed exclusively for the New Zealand and Australian markets, the Bandit SuperDri is the ultimate all round trout stalking fly line, it has enough power to knock over bulky flies and indicators whilst also maintaining a clean loop shape capable of dropping a fly on a trouts nose at 70 feet. We also love that they’ve continued to support Bruce Chard and are environmentally friendly. by Beardy Paul. The Elite Trout is the first of many “average” lines in this test. It has received plenty of positive reviews on social media from anglers who had purchased it. Still, the negatives of this line are huge and we can’t really recommend it. It’s also a little heavier… but really only a few grains. We are not a blog, or a review site. It Floats The driving technology introduced in Airflo's series of lines is a new polymer coating which Airflo designed as a solution to the aforementioned lack of high floating performance, eventually earning it the SuperDRI moniker. We were pleasantly surprised with the line’s loop stability and it got a pretty high rating in the ‘Shooting’ category. I wish more people would talk about this subject as in depth as you. We were a little hesitant about casting this line alongside the rest of the pack. The Airflo 40+ possesses a very long front taper, a short belly, and virtually no rear taper. Therefore, the Airflo Euro Nymph line (0.6mm) is now part of my standard fly fishing tackle. Please note: While our taper diagrams are really great for most lines, they didn’t work as well for Airflo. This two tone olive fly line has the first 12' of Camo bands to help break up the line profile through both air and on the water for ultra stealthy presentations. about to give up but decided to put a 5ft poly leader on...... transformed it! Appropriately named, the F.I.S.T head is comprised of three integrated sections of differing densities; a floating, intermediate, and type 3 sink tip section (hence F.I.S.T.) Moving from the tower system, he started using computer-controlled methods that were easier to control and more accurate. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. Bottom line: River and Stream is our top choice for an all-around line for anglers that prefer to fish dries. Gareth Jones talks about the 'bandit' - the ultimate back country fly line. When we first rigged it up, it was pretty obvious that this was no ordinary line. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. I am a beginner, it works well on my Fenwick HMG rod. The Airflo SuperDri Bandit sneaks your fly into a fish’s world with an ultra-stealthy presentation. Price: £44.99. Airflo Fly Line Reviews and Recommendations: Fly Line Buyer’s Guide, It’s got a head weight of over 250gr (190gr at 30’), which is HUGE for a “5-weight”. The long rear taper makes the line stable even on the longest of cast to ultra technical fish. While it’s a little difficult to see on the taper chart, this line features a long front taper, short-ish belly, and long-ish rear taper, which is a very unusual combination. Below you'll find our opinions as well as taper diagrams for the most popular Airflo trout lines. it will fit a 5/6 reel if you shorten it down as it is very long but I felt the advantage of a good running line outweighed extra backing and using Dacron I don't feel under gunned with distance shold I need it! The Hype: This slightly heavier weight forward head has a condensed taper optimized for casting into the wind and generating higher line speeds. Originally designed exclusively for the New Zealand and Australian markets, the Bandit Super Dri is the ultimate all round trout stalking fly line. Looking for switch for 5 at fly line saltwater use need heavy head for windy conditions in the coast.What do you recommend. Airflo is regarded as not only one of the best floating fly fishing line manufacturers in the world, but this is likely the best fly line 2020 has to offer in general. Combine this with roughly average weighting, and this is a truly average line. The standard head length and modest front taper will allow any angler to present a fly with ease at distance with great presentation. This two tone olive fly line has the first 12’ of Camo bands to help break up the line profile through both air and on the water for ultra stealthy presentations. ... Airflo Forge Flyline Review. Another skagit head? Creek fishing also encourages anglers to explore their local waters and puts an emphasis on exploration and adventure instead of trophy fish. River and Stream is the best Airflo line for the all-around trout angler, and one of the best lines in the test, but we wish that Airflo would redesign this line to better suit the American market. do you have any suggestions? Share this page: Related Products. Price: £44.99. ... Airflo SuperDri Bandit Fly Lines. Casting Notes: This is a hybrid line, great for shooting line in windy conditions and loading fast action rods at short-range, as advertised. The Airflo SuperDri Bandit Fly Line is designed exclusively for the New Zealand and Australian markets, the Bandit SuperDri is the ultimate all round trout stalking fly line, it has enough power to knock over bulky flies and indicators whilst also maintaining a clean loop … head we immediately thought about our king salmon … Bottom line: If you cut 30’ off and fit this on your reel, you’ll have a fairly nice line…. It’s actually a pretty nice line. And this high-floating ch… This thing is awesome, the variegated colour front taper, when in the air is incredibly visual due to the moving colour sections creating a visual symphony of vibration , but when dropped on the water, it blends beautifully, like a long piece of tussock floating at whim on a river’s quest for the sea…  Did I mention I love this variegated colour!! This is the sleeper in the Airflo lineup. That means that Airflo lines have more air inside for any given weight of line. This line loaded the Meridian really well because of its heavy front taper and aggressive profile. It’s also very non-traditional – it’s got a long front taper, long rear taper, and a long belly. Thanks, "Doc", Need something easy to cast. Price: £49.99. And she’s a perfect floater too… and I’m not referring to what my kids tend to leave in the toilet bowl from time to time…  Roily whitewater is no match, it’s doesn’t seem to succumb to the “sucky-under” boils encountered on Wellington backcountry streams, that often render a lesser line dead-in-the-water and that big brown bolting for the bank. In all cases I have come across so far the 5/6 rated reel spools take enough backing and line to meet my needs. They've got an incredible pro-staff that includes the likes of Kelly Galloup and Bruce Chard. Put simply, it works. Airflo Super-Dri Distance Pro surprised us. The head is much “fatter” than any other fly line I own and I am a bit of a cheap skate when it comes to reels, so I use a 5/6 rated reel for everything other than my river fishing where I use a Hardy LRH with an Airflo WF 4# fitted. If there is only one criticism, it would be that I feel sorry for Airflo they won’t be gaining more revenue from me this coming season when I have a line that has lasted so well… Oh well. Bottom line: This line has very limited appeal and we can’t recommend it for most casters. It produced tight stable loops. Second, Airflo lines have larger diameters. This is purported to be the best floating spey line Airflo has ever come up with. Bottom line: A fine line for short-to-middle distance fishing on faster rods. The reason for this is twofold. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Airflo NEW Velocity Fly Fishing Lines at Love my Airflo River and Stream. No one needs a line that’s 105’ long. Tropical Punch loads close but also shoots well and can get your fly out there. Like an Alfa Spider, Greys faded out of the mainstream and into the fond memory of enthusiasts. NOPE, I paid for it, and would do so again in a heartbeat. designed to get down and stay down throughout the majority of the swing. 105’ length and Airflo’s larger diameter means you need bigger reel, or way less backing, Not powerful enough for larger nymph rigs, Loads fast action rods well at short range, If you have a softer rod, it's tough to carry in the air, Don't expect this line to land a fly delicately, Doesn't do any one thing particularly well. Submit Review. Airflo 40 plus floating WF7 fly line review November 21, 2017 In Gear. Thanks for the valuable post. The Bandit Camo punches true to line weight for me, loads great and short distance but with the ability to fire a long cast to a rising fish at 25m with the grace and ease of a scantily-clad synchronised swimmer. The Hollow Fleye Squid is a phenomenal pattern for Stripers keyed in on schooling Squid at night and during the day. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. The SuperDri Ridged coating reduces the surface area that touches the rod rings, minimizing friction for a smooth cast. Choosing a fly line for a 3wt or a 4wt fly rod can be difficult. The new Airflo Rage Compact is the perfect floating line to compliment your good old Skagit Compact. I love it and I will be using a lot more Miracle Braid in the future. The Airflo Sixth Sense is a sinking fly line designed for targeting trout that are feeding beneath the surface layers of the water. The Airflo Skagit Compact fly line was a ground breaker, and now with the advent of shorter Spey rods, the Airflo Switch line has already earned a starting slot on the team. Product Description. As you’d expect the performance of Xceed is pretty much identical to that of the Elite – average. He was an avid fly-fisher and engineer, so he sought to change how fly lines are manufactured. To date the line has stood up to life on the bank and the boat with the surface coating showing no signs of wear and tear. Airflo are the industry's leading manufacturer of speciality freshwater fly lines. 2020 marks the return of Greys to the United States. 100% of our funding comes from your gear purchase, so if this shootout helps you on your next fly fishing adventure, support us by buying your next fly line (or better yet, your next rod and reel), from us. Airflo Sixth Sense Competitor Fly Lines. This is what happens, when the Kiwi's took one of our Super-DRI lines and made it their own. Read honest and … It is, after all, outdated. Airflo Sixth Sense Floating Fly Lines With FREE Clearview Flybox Worth £9.99. It looks super cool on video as well. The only potential downside that I need to explore is when you want to travel light with one rod & reel can you cover the three main fly fishing methods (dry, wet & nymphing) with the Airflo SLN Euro Nymph line. Frankly, if you’re willing to cut the last 30’ off of your brand new $85 line, it’s actually pretty nice on faster rods. I don't want to go to silk. Given its lighter weight, it performed better on the Circa than on the NRX. Better than Elite Trout on faster rods, particularly for beginners, There are better lines out there for every application. The Bandit SuperDri is the ultimate all round trout stalking fly line with enough power to knock over bulky flies and indicators while also maintaining a clean loop shape capable of dropping a … His company also developed many innovations that no other company could pro… Posted by Chris Dore on June 5, 2018 at 7:50 PM The Airflo Forge is the silent weapon, and a worthy addition to your stable. I first tried it without any leader to see how it performed and it was pants!, landing in a heap albeit at distance. And in an industry that is constantly innovating and changing, old products often (not always) don’t stack up against the newest technology. Airflo are consistently on the cutting edge of new line technology that benefits anglers of different skill levels around the world. The Hype: … designed for ultimate distance whether your fishing from the bank or boat. The Hype: Airflo's Super-Dri River & Stream has been specifically designed for the Trout angler, this line utilizes the popular DELTA taper profile for easy distance even when casting multiple flies. The Hype: With its easy loading 35' head and low diameter running line, you'll soon be reaching for the horizon. Featuring our longest belly on any single hand fly line, the Distance Pro is a firm Pro-Staff Favorite.

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