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There is no testing apparatus currently known available that assesses the effects of atmospheric back pressure in normal winter operating conditions, from above the appliance - as a necessary inclusion in laboratory calibrated emissions and efficiency standards. They also act as a barrier against birds and inclement weather, and help prevent vermin and a build up of leaves and debris. We also retail a wide range of specialist products across NZ. A rotating, spinney chimney cowl uses the wind to rotate like a turbine, producing more draft in the process. A 150mm ADD Cowl fits over the upstand of Bracketed Casing Covers. Fireplace Fixed Bend 90 deg Stainless Steel 100mm – 150mm. Spinning Chimney Cowl Aluminium Downdraught Ventilation Extraction 130 - 500mm July 2020 PRODUCT TO BE DISPATCHED FROM POLAND - AROUND 2 WEEKS LEAD TIME The spinning chimney cowl is designed to avoid back downdraught, whilst the rotating action assists ventilation.Chimney flue cowl comes in variation of sizes to choose from. Dektite. Cooling flue terminals - cool air in the flue pipe reverses the flow of the exhaust and is a primary cause for smoke reversing out the appliance into your rooms, poor overall combustion and fuel efficiency, poor - dirty exhaust into the atmosphere. or Best Offer. 125mm ducts. Rotating chimney caps are passive ventilation devices that aid in the ventilation of chimney gasses. (NB. New Zealand. Due to the current national lockdown, our trade counter and showroom are closed to the public, but we remain open … £2.99 postage. Wellington 15 Te Puni Street, Petone Lower Hutt, Wellington 5012 New Zealand. New Zealand. Solid Fuel Flue Kits $ 495.00 – $ 895.50 Select options; Bend Set 45 … The Dragon chimney cowl is a high temperature cowl which rotates away from the prevailing wind, like the old lobster back cowl. PO Box 12243, Penrose Auckland 1642: PO Box 8358, Riccarton Christchurch 8440: PO Box 8358, Riccarton Christchurch 8440: Phone 09 579 3257: Phone 04 566 7969: Phone 03 343 6184 We are one of NZ's biggest Plumbing, Gasfitting, Roofing, Heating, and Drainage specialists for residential and commercial clients. Emperor Spinning Cowl 250 $839.50 NZD. Was: £79.99. £40.99 to £65.99. Cowls serve to prevent strong winds driving the smoke escaping up the flue back down into the room of the heating appliance, filling … How to Lubricate a Rotating Chimney Cap. Since the cap is the revolving type no matter which way the wind blows it will always remove the smoke from the chimney flue. when strict log wood heating appliance labelling laws came to Nelson and other regional councils around New Zealand and Australia. We offer the unique ability to engage one team and company for multi trades and products. Fax: 03 982 3848 Please note, for products with free NZ shipping, a small charge may apply for rural delivery. Our standard range is made to fit into our spiral and round pipes, these cowls are recommended for gas burning units. Rotating And Spinning Chimney Cowl Besides reducing chimney downdraft, a cowl can also prevent squirrels, birds or rain from entering your chimney. Tip 2: Spaying the cowl in WD40 for coastal areas may help slow down coastal erosion. They should protect from down draft/ blow-back symptoms. with or without Base Plate. Stopping chimney back draft. Spinner Cowls. Emperor Spinning Cowl 200 $839.50 NZD. 4.3 out of 5 stars 376. Features Rugged construction heavy duty design made in stainless steel Suitable for use in high wind zones Wind directional and always facing into the wind, thereby com Spinner Cowl Large Adaptor - 125mm. U Strut. Or, if you have a chimney that's no longer in use, a cowl can be used to cap off the chimney while still allowing a little bit of airflow. 41 Barton Street. Christchurch 264 Annex Road, Riccarton Christchurch 8440 New Zealand. How does a spinning chimney cowl work? CHIMNEY SPINNING COWL. ... these cowls are recommended for wood burning fires. Folded Angle. These symptoms are typically experienced in the worst winter conditions, especially in heavy inversions. Check out these great videos on how to fit a chimney cowl. Afterpay and Q Card interest-free terms available – contact us. Draft inducing cowls will not correct a downdraft caused by increased air density at the top of the chimney due to air inversion, or the type of chimney-top pressurization which can occur when the wind blows across the top of a cylinder formed by nearby tall trees, hills, or buildings that extend above and totally surround the chimney. As the wind blows, it causes the fins of the Aspirotor to rotate like a turbine, generating a vacuum that draws air up the flue and out into the open air. Spinning Cowl Terracotta - Fits 125mm To 250mm Diameters (suitable for multi fuel) Spinner Cowl Large - 80mm To 250mm. Chimney cowls without base plate fits over the outside of the flue pipe. Cover Cowl $ 40.50 – $ 174.50 Select options; H-Pot Combo $ 275.95 – $ 799.00 Select options; Sale! If your chimney cowl starts spinning slowly or stops, its best you just buy a new one than repair the broken one. Diagramatic representation of the FlueCube effect, Draft Test Report FlueCube Chimney CowlColorado State UniversityEngines and Energy Conversion LabDepartment of Mechanical Engineering Dec. 2012, Ringelmann Chart BS 2742C Particulate Emissions Test with FlueCube, UL 1482: The foundation for modern wood stove appliance standards, Five Safety Standards and Requirements for Wood Stoves (UC Press E-Books Collection 1982-2004), Real-life emissions from wood burning appliances in New Zealand (August 2005), Real Life Emissions Testing of Pre 1994 Woodburners in New Zealand (2006), Conventional Woodstove Emission Factor Study, Proposed Changes to AS/NZS 4013 - Determination of Particle Emissions Factors (June 2006), Warm Homes Technical Report: Real-life Emissions Testing of Wood Burners in Tokoroa (June 2007), Warm Homes Technical Report: Real-life Emissions Testing of Pellet Burners in Tokoroa (June 2007), John Beale, the EPA and Particulate Matter (1), John Beale, the EPA and Particulate Matter (2), John Beale, the EPA and Particulate Matter (3), Sen Lamar Smith, Secret Science/ Particulate Matter, Professor James Enstrom, UCLA and Particulate Matter, EPA's "Particulate Matter" Rule is Cargo Cult Science, Doctor States, The Environmental Protection Agency's Particulate Matter Rules: One Physician's Crusade against Cargo Cult Science, Govt fabricating deaths in woodburner scare tactics, FlueCube Blog/ Media - Articles of Interest, A cowl/rain hat should not negatively affect the upward flow of exhaust gases from the appliance, that's obvious. Controlled burn test with FlueCubecare of FlueCube UK, National Environment Protection Council Service Corporation, Consultation regulation impact statement for reducing emissions from wood heaters, Released 11 April 2013, Sign in|Recent Site Activity|Report Abuse|Print Page|Powered By Google Sites. All products are brand new, with original manuals, packaging and full manufacturers warranty. MAD Spinner Terracotta Anti-downdraught Chimney Cowl The MAD Spinner cowl is a directional cowl that provides complete dynamic protection from downdraughts, whilst the rotating action assists ventilation. Pricelist. E: Spinning chimney cowls are perfect for houses that are situated in hilly regions which make them the likeliest victims for downdrafts. Rotating Chimney Cowl Cap, Stainless Steel Spinner Anti-Downdraught Fits for Chimney Pots Chimney Pot Cap 130 mm. To avoid this breakdown and increase the lifespan of the cowl, use oil to lube its hinges and screws. Optional pickup of items at Turfrey branches Hamilton, Hastings, Palmerston North & Wellington. Jeremy & Neville D'Herville - phone: +64(0)3548 6080 - email: 100% New Zealand owned, designed & manufactured, International patents pending in 40 countries, Certified to UK/ European manufacturing standards BS 715:1993 and BS EN 1856-1:2009, Designed to handle all winter conditions that cause atmospheric negative pressure, In effect, improves fuel & heat efficiency from the appliance, Experience less to no more smoke odours inside the house - less to no more 'smoky/ odour' complaints from neighbours - a simple, practical solution toward improving our smoky neighbourhoods/ living rooms, High grade stainless steel - free of moving parts - built to last for generations, Low maintenance - for the entire heating system. £75.99. 150mm is the normal standard cowl with most fireplaces and flue kits.) -- Suitable for use with solid fuel. As they have a particularly elaborate design, spinning chimney cowls tend to be the most expensive option. Warmington manufacture a wide range of ventilation systems, including chimney cowls and flues, bird protection and accessories, to complement our range of fires. £6.50 postage. Spinning Chimney Cowl Stops Spinning One type of chimney cowl revolves, helping to increase draft inside your chimney flue which consequently retards the action of “puff downs” or downdrafts. 150mm is the normal standard cowl with most fireplaces and flue kits.). How to fit a chimney cowl: Fitting a chimney cowl, fitting a birdguard, fitting a spinning cowl, fitting a pot hanger cowl. The Aspirotor is a good example. This generates a vacuum that draws up fresh air at the flue and discards it outside your home. Gas Cowl. This flue cowl is suitable for many types of wood fires. ... Stainless Steel Chimney Spinning Cowl with Top Plate Spinner Duct Pipe Cap STP. Rubber 'O' Gasket. Tip 4: Not suitable for broken pots. Dimensions of a Square Base Plate: by diameter from 4'' / 100mm to 7.9'' / 200mm - 295mm x 295mm. The O H-Cowl is the recommend cowl for blow backs in a fire place. The FlueCube is a unique in design chimney cowl that is being observed to relieve symptoms of negative pressure on solid fuel appliances worldwide. Only logged in customers who have purchased this product may leave a review. directional bird cowl Warmington bird cowls are distinctive, and uniquely designed to add functionality and street appeal to your chimney. Spinning caps can be useful if dealing with different types … We are a family business, not a franchise, employing a full time team of over 230 people and have been operating for over 40 years. Please contact us to confirm if specific products are immediately available in our Turfrey branches – 0800 182 182. Emperor Spinning Cowl 300 $839.50 NZD Spinner Cowl Large Adaptor - 150mm. Their main purpose is to increase updraughts, and to prevent the wind from blowing smoke back into the home. Chimney cowls are also known as chimney caps and are referred to as cowls due to their overall shape being reminiscent of a monk's robe, or cowl. (NB. Force in base. Showing all 4 results Default sorting Sort by popularity Sort by average rating Sort by newness After sales parts available. STAINLESS STEEL self-adjusting spinner chimney cowl cap 7" square plate base. As a chimney cowl it is unique in receiving European industry standards. PO Box 12243, Penrose Auckland 1642: PO Box 8358, Riccarton Christchurch 8440: PO Box 8358, Riccarton Christchurch 8440: Phone 09 579 3257: Phone 04 566 7969: Phone 03 343 6184 Woolston. Fixings for chimney cowls include strap fixing with jubilee band, and hook bolt fixing depending on the type of chimney cowl … -- Fits most standard chimney pots-base -- Very easy to install-only a screwdriver is required. Tip 3: Fits pots up to 12 inches. The common ADD cowl is designed to increase draft, and prevent back-flow for a better functioning fire. Warmington’s bird cowls are designed to shift position in relation to wind direction. In targeting atmospheric back pressure, entire systems need to be tested for those typical wintertime conditions. Pricelist. It prevents downdrafts but also has problems. Ph: (04) 526 9694 Email: The Flue Shop 63 Montgomery Cresent Upper Hutt Wellington. We stock and display a carefully selected range of products in our showroom branches. Wellington 15 Te Puni Street, Petone Lower Hutt, Wellington 5012 New Zealand. The spinning action requires at least a small amount of wind and will pull air up the chimney, whilst also preventing downdraught. Chimney Cowls are hood shaped coverings designed to be fitted to the top of a chimney to improve their function. Self-adjusting Dragon chimney cowl spinner square base | 10" 250 mm Roof Cap . Please note that there are exceptions to when a spinner can be used however: Anti Down-Draught Cowl. Napier, Hastings, Havelock North, Waipukurau, Hamilton, Cambridge, Tauranga, Dannevirke, Fielding, Levin, Palmerston North, Kapiti & Wellington. Contact Details. Rightly consumers can be selective on what industry standard ventilation cowl/ retrofit they place above their certified, consented wood burner and flue installation. the future of fires Features & Benefits: Increases draft and prevents backflow in the chimney. Louvretec sun louvres are available in a range of sizes and styles including airfoil shaped louvres and rectangular shaped louvres. The Wind Directional Cap can be ordered in any size, made to order or in stock sizes from 6” to 18” outside pipe. T: 03 384 2184. A 150mm ADD Cowl fits over the upstand of Bracketed Casing Covers. They can be fitted to existing flue systems and are built here in New Zealand. or 4 fortnightly payments from $21.50 with More info. It should be and we at FlueCube International aim to bridge that gap. by diameter from 9'' / 230mm to 11.8'' / 300mm - 395mm x 395mm. Please select from our range of sizes. To work properly a chimney must have draw, both to clear the products of combustion and to provide fresh combustion air to the fire. Servicing the wider Hawke's Bay, Waikato, Bay of Plenty, Manawatu & Wellington regions including: Select from Louvretec's extensive range of aluminium sun louvres including the ever popular 90mm, 150mm and 120mm sizes to create a chimney cowl for your home. Spinning chimney cowls are used especially if the house is somewhere in a hilly area. Rotating Chimney Flue Roof Rain Cowl Cap Spinner Anti-Downdraught Bird Guard -- Manufactured from robust Stainless Steel. Not all products shown on our online store are kept in stock or available for viewing in our showroom branches (some products are ordered in subject to customer purchase). Bird and Rain Guards Pot Hanger Redundant Chimney Rotating Static Anti Down Draught. Optional installation of our products in Hawke’s Bay, Waikato, Manawatu & Wellington at additional costs. O H-Cowl For Chimney Clay Pots. This flue cowl is suitable for many types of wood fires. Our spinner cowls can be helpful when a lack of air draw is hindering your fire. Spinning Emperor Emperor Spinning Cowl 200 $839.50 NZD Pot Butterfly Cowl Assembly Pot Butterfly Cowl Assembly 150 $155.20 NZD Prev | PAGE 1 | … Chimney cap Blast gates Casing cover Stand off bracket. Christchurch 264 Annex Road, Riccarton Christchurch 8440 New Zealand.

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